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Teleunderwriting is a new tele-interview underwriting system for customers seeking medical insurance policies. The insurer will use an innovative system that will see a team of medical professionals conducting a tele interview.

It collects “intelligent information" on applicant's life and health related issues.

How Does it Work?
The tele-interview, will guide them through a set of questions relating to medical history and lifestyle. An interviewer interviews applicants on the telephone. The questions asked the applicant are automated and scripted. The applicant's response to a particular question triggers the interviewer to either ask more details about the response or to ask another question. Essential medical insurance information will be recorded by the interviewer.

This report is analyzed and interpreted by a qualified medical professional who has experience in underwriting and converted into a report. The customer will be sent a copy of the report to verify their information.
The private health insurance customer will be able to ask questions, and provide data at a time that suits them. The approach is being adopted to try and increase accuracy at both the application and claims stage.
It is a streamlined alternative to the traditional application process. It promotes a complete and accurate application through a single fact-finding interview, which enables fast and fair underwriting decisions.

What Are the Benefits?

By utilizing a professional telephone interview process, you will:

  1. Increase productivity
    You will spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you do best – meeting with clients and selling.
  2. Improve turnaround time
    Teleunderwriting provides more detailed information to the underwriters, which reduces the need for the most time-encompassing requirements.
  3. Alleviate awkwardness
    Applicants often prefer providing personal information to a third-party interviewer rather than face-to-face with an agent who may be a friend or associate.

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