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In today's world of information & technology, we are moving away from traditional classroom teaching and towards virtual studies! Online learning, gives you an opportunity to study anything anywhere. This new way of learning is getting to dominate the new developments that are taking place in areas of gaming, simulations, training and other related technologies. At Eximius, we want to satisfy the education needs of the working people or college students who want to continue their education.

At Eximius we are focusing and implementing projects done, for our clients in the e-Learning space as there has been a continuous growth in rapid e-Learning. We design E- learning books & online training programs for schools, colleges & for corporate by using Flash, Java script & XML. We assure you the affordable cost & high quality material to achieve the great results.

We develop these modules by using 2D/3D animation, flash images, music, voice-over, video with theme based creativity. Our multimedia experts who do in detail analysis of the target audience, company's objective & the business sketch. We have proficiency in 3D architecture modeling from start to end including theme development, 3D animation, design, programming, sound, voice-over etc.

E Learning covers a wide range of instructional material that can be delivered on a
« Local area network (LAN)
« Wide area network (WAN)
« Internet
« I-Pods
« Laptops
« Desktops
« Mobiles

The only important need in this area is highly trained instructors delivering content through computers or internet.

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Praful Bhalerao, CEO,
Health Quarters "I would hereby put on record, that we are extremely satisfied with the projects delivered by Eximius "